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When you are renovating a room or entire house, adding a little colour with the seasons doesn’t need to break the bank.  With the addition of a few new cushions, throws and rugs you can totally transform any home for a seasonal look that is right on-trend. Textural effects and combinations, mixing metal and timber can really pull the effect together and create interest. A new coloured wall can also bring out a new look for a small effort required. No matter what the weather, it’s always important to create a space you love, which can be easily achieved with a fresh coat of paint and a few accessories.

They say colour is the backbone to renovating

Colour influences mood, so winter’s the time to switch up the palette as we turn to our homes for warmth and inspiration. More really is more in winter: more cushions, throws and rugs. Layering accessories of different textures is a great way to create a snug, cosy atmosphere. Think about sheepskin, chunky knit blankets and soft cushions. Use space differently from your summer living and reorganise furniture to work for winter. And there is nothing better for your wellbeing than a warm and inviting home.

With an endless amount of alternative paint colour ideas available, there’s no limit to the number of routes you can go with creating this exacting tone.

winter burgundy and black

Burgundy and charcoal in the bedroom

An easy to create an impact on a cosy haven in your bedroom this winter can be achieved by ramping up the luxurious tones of burgundy and charcoal; which are trending right now. Incorporating these shades with accessories, cushions and throw rugs means you can have some seasonal colour without breaking your budget.

Blonde wood and matte black in the kitchen

Matte black and blonde wood are a match made in style heaven. Timber is the perfect natural material, as it’s so earthy and grounds any space.

Try black cutlery on a timber table for real impact. Complimented with timber bowls or accessories and a mixture of textures and styles.

Don’t just restrict yourself to the kitchen, bathrooms can combine black and blonde also. Black tapware and light fittings with bamboo accessories may take a bit of guidance to match together. If you’re after a timeless, classic look that never goes out of style and also makes you feel like you’re entering a secret cave, black can be an excellent choice. This works best if you have a larger room and plenty of light coming in so as not to shrink the illusion of a smaller room.

Misty grey and gold for living spaces

Be inspired by nature and a little bling. By mixing these two looks together you can add a touch of luxury to your space and indoor lifestyle.

grey and gold

Wonderfully wintery, mist tones match beautifully with gold.

Add a collection of decorative yet practical gold objects to your living space for an instant injection of elegance mixed with soft-mist shades in cushions and throws.

This look creates an easy, everyday luxury feel. Remember less is more, so keep things simple, group a few of your favourite gold objects together for the ultimate style.

Grey on Grey

Grey is no longer considered a cold colour. Spice up your lounge with darkest grey/charcoal walls in contrast with grey interior. In the colder months, grey draws out the lighter shades in the walls and creates a snug, comfortable feel.
With splashes of white or a softer grey, complimentary winter art and the tone is set.

Nordic retreat and Scandi style

This is an understated look that makes a big impact. This ever-popular look is layered up with different textures to give the look depth and creating an inviting space that you can switch off from the world outside. Think of neutral colours from white to natural and add texture with wool, sheepskin, wicker, earthenware and ash wood.

Navy warmth

One feature wall of dark navy will not just add warmth but real depth to a room and a feeling of coziness.  Combine that with gold or natural timbers to lighten the room and add a touch of luxe to your décor.  To create a softer feel, you can team the bold hue with accessories in off white neutrals.

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