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A well-designed home requires more than a stylish interior. It requires a well-designed exterior, too. The outer appearance of your property affects your overall impression of your household. That’s why it’s so important to get the exterior design of your home right. You need to make the right first impression on your family, your guests, or potential buyers (if you decide to sell the property in the future). And, as with interior design, the colour of your home’s exterior makes a huge difference on its visuals. So, with that in mind, here are 7 tips about exterior colour schemes from the experts.

Focus on the historical period of your home.

The era in which a property is built affects the kind of colour design it needs. As any expert would tell you, it’s essential that you focus on the historical period of your home if you want to create a beautiful outer appearance for your property. The Victorian period was full of households designed with red, green, and mid-brown decor. Edwardian homes used eggshell, creams, and greys. Whether you plan to fix up an old period household or create an authentic one from scratch, you need to do a sufficient amount of research. Every property is different in terms of its exterior design requirements, and that’s definitely the case when comparing properties from different eras.

Keep up with the latest trends.

This is a straightforward but incredibly valuable piece of advice. If you want to get your home’s exterior colour scheme right, then you need to keep up with the latest trends. The world of home design changes at such a rapid pace. You need to make sure the colours you use are relevant in today’s property market, especially if you want to sell your home in the next few years. Natural tones are very popular at the moment. People like earthy colours; they want their homes to feel organic and soothing. It’s all about the mood that you create, and this takes us to the next tip.

Think about the ways in which colours affect your mood.

You need to think about the ways in which colours affect your mood if you want to get your property’s exterior colour scheme right. The tone set by your house’s outer appearance affects your overall impression of your home, as explained in the introduction. You’ve got to set yourself off on the right foot. That’s why it’s worth using a soothing colour palette. Lighter colours will create a more relaxing and welcoming vibe. That’s the goal for any property’s exterior design. It should be enticing. It should make you want to step inside and relax in your own home.

Make colours work with your property’s surroundings.

This is something that homeowners don’t always consider when renovating, but it’s worth taking on board. You need to make colours work with your property’s surroundings if you want your home to look stylish from the outside. If your household is set in a natural environment full of stunning greenery, then it should have a natural appearance. It should blend in with its surroundings. As suggested in the point about trendy colours, an earthy palette would be appropriate in such a situation.

Opt for a timeless feel.

Opting for a timeless feel might seem contradictory after the earlier tip to keep up with current trends, but the two pieces of advice can go hand in hand. If you could create a stylish colour palette that would look good for years to come, then your property wouldn’t need renovating for a while. Opting for trends that will become outdated in a few months would not be a good idea. You want your household to stay fashionable for as long as possible. Again, natural colours are likely to look stylish for longer because nature exists outside of manmade trends.

Use light to your advantage.

Using light to your advantage is another tip that’s worth taking on board if you want to design your house well. Colours rely on light to be effective. Every homeowner should take that into consideration. Darker colours might make bold and visually-powerful statements in some parts of your design, or they might look understated in other parts. Almost always, light is the determining factor. The era in which a house was built matters, clashing colours can play a part, and trendiness is a significant factor, as well. Yet, light is usually the primary thing to consider. Neutral colours, such as white, can make your home look bright and captivating in the sunlight, for instance. It doesn’t have to be a boring option.

Get help from a professional.

Of course, even with the useful advice given in this article, you might still feel a little stuck. If so, then you could consider getting help from a professional. Colour consultants are experts in the art of designing a home, both inside and outside. They could give you all of the advice in this article, but they’d also be able to help you adapt those pieces of advice to your specific property. After all, every home is unique. That’s why every home needs an individual approach with regards to the colour scheme used for its exterior. When in doubt, seek the guidance and support of a trained colour consultant.

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