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If you are planning to sell your house, you might be wondering if it’s worth investing in some modifications to your home before listing it for sale to improve its appeal to buyers.

Here we will explore some of the benefits in updating your kitchen and bathroom.

Increased Re-sale value

One of the main reasons to update your kitchen and bathroom before selling is to increase re-sale value of your house.  These two areas are often the most important to buyers and can make or break a sale.  Buyers are willing to pay more for modern, updated spaces that are ready to move into and require minimal maintenance.

Improved Buyer Appeal

Another benefit of updating your kitchen and bathroom is that it can improve buyer appeal.  Sometimes buyers may not have the resources to renovate a kitchen or bathroom so a home that has recently been renovated would attract more potential buyers.  Adding sleek fixtures and fittings and a modernised colour scheme can make your environment visually appealing.

Kitchen before major renovation

Kitchen before major renovation

Brisbane kitchen after renovation

Brisbane kitchen after renovation

Competitive Advantage

The real estate marketing being what it is at the moment, extremely competitive, updating your home can give you a distinct advantage and will showcase your interior design features to their best advantage thus differentiating your home from the competition and increase the chances of getting a better offer.

A recent example is that I met with a client at Magenta Street, Griffin who was looking at selling her home. It was an older style home, built in the 1990’s that really needed some TLC.  We discussed updating her kitchen and two bathrooms before listing the house for sale.  I created a colour scheme and we discussed suggested finishes for cabinetry.   In the kitchen, this simply involved replacing the benchtops and painting the cabinets. The client didn’t go ahead with the modifications and listed the house for sale. Feedback from buyers was that the asking price was too high considering the kitchen and bathrooms needed work.   The client consequently updated the bathrooms and kitchen for a small outlay and has now received offers higher than previously received so she is extremely pleased with the outcome.   Photos are attached of the finished results.

Whilst updating your kitchen and bathroom can have many advantages, make sure that you do your homework and calculate the cost involved and make sure to seek the opinion of your real estate agent.   Find out what buyers are looking for in your area, what they are prepared to pay and what improvements would add value to your property that are worth investing in.  And happy selling!

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