In colour, renovations

When redecorating the aim is usually to update and refreshen your décor, thus introducing the latest ‘on trend’ colour palate. “Out with the old, in with the new”.

Let’s cast an eye over the interior styles that will be trending for 2021 ….

The colour of the moment is very much AQUA. The azure blues and cool ocean tones with contrasting pops of colour in a neutrally-toned room that also works with warm greys and whites. It can be formal or casual.

Aqua is on trend this summer

Aqua tones well with grey/white colours

After spending so much time at home during COVID lockdowns and restrictions, it’s time to break out and have some fun at home. It’s time to get playful. Keeping it sophisticated by choosing smart sculptural décor pieces in organic forms or an unexpected colour pop. Even in a formal setting, adding items that are just bold splashes here or there will liven the room up and add fun.

Let the fun continue with the tapware. That’s right, it’s time to introduce warm metals like rose gold, copper and brass for the bathroom or kitchen fixtures. They will be prized for both their chic aesthetic and for the inherent antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities held by copper and brass. They also look incredibly warmer than plain chrome or black.

Those organic materials strengthen the connection between home and nature. Introducing rattan, linen, jute and timber for an artisanal feel to your home styling and reminding us of the natural world. As we have become more environmentally aware, the rise of use of natural materials in every aspect of our lives has increased. Besides being good for the environment, these materials are good for you and your family. In a time when progress doesn’t always equal well-being, including natural materials (as opposed to plastics or manufactured materials), will have a huge impact on our health. Thankfully the days of lead or asbestos materials are gone. Apart from the absence of carcinogens, natural materials also have a beneficial effect on our mental health. It’s even better if these materials are recycled or reclaimed. Your budget will love that too.

Adding to the connection with nature, we are also calling for more plants in the home. Especially seeking plants with distinctive patterned leaves like Swiss Cheese monstera or begonia.  These are low maintenance plants that will love a warm corner and a little humidity. They will also survive in a low light area – it just slows the growth down. Plants are air filters in disguise. If you are not a green thumb, then high quality artificial plants or just cuttings in a vase.

Add nature to your decor

Plants are nature’s air filters

Continue that connection with nature and select timber- preferably unstained light wood – used for flooring, cabinetry and walls. It’s another nod to the natural world and introduces a textural element in otherwise tonal interiors. Timber softens the tone and is easy to breathe with.

As we are spending more and more time at home, then looking for more ways to create a luxe experience becomes more paramount in the best room in the house – the great outdoors. Create an outdoor setting that connects the home with nature that all the family can retreat to or enjoy entertaining. Surround your outdoor patio or deck with lots of greenery, raised garden beds or pots.  Having variations on your lighting from candles to eye-popping light fittings and even solar powered garden lights. Stack the setting with lots of cushions and throws and you’ll want to stay outside even longer. Make it a fun and interesting place to retreat. Let nature soothe your soul. Again, pods of colour to brighten up the space, no longer needing everything perfectly matching and in their place – let the fun begin!

The best room in the house

Create an outdoor setting that connects the home with nature

The vegetable garden has become another trending household item, enabling us to reconnect with nature and play in the dirt. As we spend more time at home, creating homely activities has become greater than ever. Get the whole family involved and reconnect with the family at the same time.

If you find that it is just a minefield to visualize, then why not connect with me for a consultation for your specific home? I’m just a call away.

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