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Congratulations! So, you have a new arrival due and the excitement of preparing for them has created a nice buzz around the house. So many things to consider, many changes ahead and things to plan. Let’s create a baby nursery that is practical, stylish and still baby-friendly.

If you are not sure where to start, then create a vision board and get the colour palette and theme right. A sleeping baby is pretty much the number one goal and focus for the room so choosing a neutral and subtle colour theme is going to entice your little one to go to sleep. There’s a colour formula that works well in these rooms: 60% white, 30% soft colour and 10% your accent colour.

vision board for baby's nursery

By first placing the cot as the featured item in your vision board, being the focus of the room, the rest of the room can be planned around that. Think about the practicality of furniture rather than be persuaded to purchase the latest trend – time-proven pieces of furniture can be freshened up with a coat of paint and service the needs of bub just as well. A bassinet is going to be a very short-lived item whereas a cot may last for a couple of years (depending on the child’s behaviour). So, don’t invest excessively into a cute bassinet or over-spend. Some cots can also convert into a toddler bed when the time arises thus extending the life of the furniture. Whether it just has side gates added or can be a full conversion, it will extend the time before you need to invest in a single bed.

This will also provide a sense of comfort to toddlers transitioning from their safe and comfy cot to the independence of a ‘big’ bed.

Toddler bed converted from cot

You will be in and out of the baby’s nursery numerous times a day, so ensure that the placement of furniture items make it easy to access. Where will the cot be in relation to the window? Can you access the wardrobe without disrupting baby? Is the change-table in a convenient place to reach for baby’s nappies etc.? Whilst you could change a baby on the rug on the floor, but if you had a caesarean this may be an impossible task especially when changing a baby a dozen times a day! A change table at an elevated height will save your back.

You may wish to add a comfortable chair in the room for the night time feeds. You may be spending an hour or more at a time in the chair so ensure it is a relaxing place to be, not a kitchen chair, and a night lamp nearby to see without disrupting baby excessively. Will you prefer a stool for your feet also? You may even wish to invest in a reclining chair where you and baby can nod off together and include a throw rug for added comfort.

Believe it or not, babies collect a lot of toys. Have some baskets or boxes for all the toys that are going to accumulate so they can keep the room tidy and yet be close by for playtime as the baby develops. You may want to add a play rug and play station later on. Why not hang some toys from the ceiling?

A nice rug on the floor not only keeps your feet warm and adds to the ambiance, it can also become a play station for ‘tummy time’ as baby develops. baby nursery with comfortable chair

Keep the décor of the room simplistic so it can evolve as the baby grows up unless you intend on having another baby and reusing the nursery again.

My tip is to keep the room gender neutral unless you are absolutely certain of the sex of your baby and keep the colours toned down to encourage quiet times in the room. If you use the colour formula, having only 10% accent colour, you will keep the room quieter and not too stimulating for baby – important when you want a sleeping baby.

Add a splash of fun and colour with cushions, artwork, decals and other treasures you may find. The use of decals can create a theme without costing the earth – see some new non-vinyl decals that are non-toxic and safe for nurseries. They are also kind to the paintwork when you wish to remove them later.

Decals in baby nursery

Decals can also help create a theme –  safari, out of space, just a fairy castle or fairies, quirky quotes from Dr Seuss or your baby’s name – the options are endless.

Decals in baby nursery add fun







Whatever style you choose for your baby’s nursery, keep in mind the baby is the focus and keep practicality over beauty into your purchases.

If you are struggling to capture the theme or organise your baby’s new nursery, then book in a consultation and let’s do it together.



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