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Autumn can signal a change of pace from our hot summer days and a good opportunity to update your interior décor, take stock of the ambiance and introduce some new items to warm your look around your haven. Your home is a place to escape from the busy-ness of the world, your sanctuary from work and a place to rest and relax; so why not enjoy that space!

Harmonizing the autumn colours, both bright and dim, means bringing out snuggly items in preparation for winter and basically letting go of the old and welcoming the new season. Most of the décor can be seasonal and put away for the summer months if you are clever with your choices. Refreshing the décor with new cushions, rugs, and throws is the quickest and easiest way to change the seasons and bring some warmth into the room.

Autumn is also a great time to paint any walls that you have been considering, with the days no longer being so humid, the paint will dry properly so long as you are finished by early afternoon. If you are going to paint the exterior, take into consideration that the surfaces may be cold which will slow down the drying time of the paint. Check the four-day weather forecast so you can ensure you have a few dry and warmish days to start the project. Adjust your project around the conditions and you will have a better result.

Autumn styling for the bedroom

Let’s move inside and start in the bedroom – Decorating any part of your home for autumn is all about creating a space that’s comfortable, welcoming, and warm, and that’s especially true of bedrooms. Bring out the doona, changing from light and bright to darker, warmer colours with a fluffy duck-down doona really heralds the start of the cooler nights.

Keep your bedroom comfy and warm with a variety of seasonal throw blankets. Heavier throws made from faux-fur are excellent on extra-cold evenings, while thinner options made from cotton or polyester provide a touch of warmth without making you too hot.

Pillows that feature earthy colours and plush textures will complement your autumn decor and give your space that warm and snuggly feeling. Put the lightweight summer fabrics away for the more luxurious and plush velvety ones in rich harvest hues to warm the room up.

The living area also needs some warmth added. If you have a fire place, then fill the log basket and arrange the firepit ready to burn. Pine cones create a great look – although they burn very quickly. Make the fireplace a feature and increase your home’s snuggle factor. The look and smell will awaken your senses and you’ll be wanting to light that fire in no time. A great way to fully embrace autumn and warmly welcome upcoming winter nights as you huddle up around the fire. Autumn fireplace adds welcoming touch

Consider infusing your space with a few new pieces in hues of spicy autumn, such as mustard, soft pumpkin orange, green, chocolate brown, rust, plum and deep crimson. Select pillows and throws that are easy to transition between seasons.

Layered rugs on the floor for autumnAnother easy way to layer up for cooler nights is to add another rug over an existing floor rug. It creates a cozy feel to the room and can easily be removed when winter is over.

Autumn candles

Candles can also be an economical way of adding colour and vibrance into a room to set the mood. Not only coloured candles but scented candles of cinnamon and spice or whiskey flavoured to any room. With an abundance of candle options available, they can really make an impact. Combine smaller candles with some larger ones and different combinations. Why not choose a feature candle in an impressive holder that draws your attention as soon as you enter the room? That makes a bold statement.

Autumn styling is time to change your colours, go darker and deeper and bring warmth into your home. It’s the transition into the cooler and pending winter months that can add a real feeling of coziness and welcome.

If you are wanting further inspiration, why not book a consultation and let’s customise your home?

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