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Are you considering a colour change to your house but concerned about face-to-face contact during this COVID pandemic?  Then I have some great news for you.

If I could save you time and money with an online colour consultancy service that gives you a fast response, then imagine what a difference it may make. It seems to be making a positive difference to a number of satisfied clients and I think you will agree.

Simply by calling me to discuss your proposed colour scheme requirements or contacting me through the website contact page, making sure you add your phone number then I can arrange to do a phone consultation with you at a convenient time whilst you remain in the comfort of your home. This is generally a faster service than waiting for an appointment requiring a home visit. It seems to be very favourable for those with a busy life, young children or concerned about COVID.

With an online consultation, we can cover any topics that are related to your colour scheme, whether it’s external or internal, view the current colours and discuss what you like or don’t like about the existing, what would you like to change, what you can’t change (like the window frames) and then would discuss the final outcome you are trying to achieve.  Is there a specific look or theme you are seeking? As we discuss your colour scheme, we can walk through the home from room to room (if on a mobile phone) and have a virtual tour of your existing home décor and note what is going to require changing, what is perfectly fine to remain in place or is not negotiable and what is maybe possible to compliment your lifestyle and family needs.  I will then create the perfect palette for any room in your home.

The added bonus of a virtual consultation is that we can discuss your needs in a time that truly suits you – whether that is during the day, weekend or perhaps in the evening if better suited.  It’s all about fitting in with life and giving you the same access as a face-to-face consultation without contact. Distance is not a problem, as I can work with you from wherever you’re located.

I will provide you with a quote for your consideration, and once you accept that and sign off, I can proceed with the suggested new scheme. I will also email your colour selections and further post samples of the respective paint colour to you if you choose.

There’s no stress involved.  Put away your paint chips and let me select your colours for you. Just pick up the phone and let’s get started.


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