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Are you keen to find the perfect colour scheme for your Queenslander? This can be tricky because there are a vast array of different variables to keep in mind. You will need to make sure that you understand what you want to achieve with your home design.

Architectural features that will impact your colour scheme including verandah balustrades, picture rails, high ceilings and intricate ceiling roses. Picking one colour for a room can be difficult at the best of times. Choosing a palette for an entire property with an interior that blends beautifully with the exterior can seem like an impossible task.

Particularly, when you begin to consider which colours will traditionally pertain to the era of your home.

Queenslander Colour Schemes Eras And Their Colour Palettes

Over the past 200 years, the architecture of Australia and Queensland has evolved substantially. However, homes from different eras still stand today. Regardless of whether you have a home built during the Victorian era, Federation or even an Edwardian style property, you could be keen to choose a colour scheme that offers the right match.

Victorian – If your home was built early in the Victorian era, between 1840 and 1875, it will have a variety of impressive features including a bull-nosed veranda and roofs made from corrugated iron or slate. These are considered to be gothic revival buildings and thus it’s no surprise that the typical palette was dark and deep tones. This included Indian red as well as mid-Brunswick green or shades of beige and stone. While weatherboards were commonly used, the homes were typically built of red and bluestone

From 1875 onwards, Victorian homes often featured coloured bricks and unique or complex patterns. Even the roofs were often decorated with patterns and used a variety of different shades. This is a key point to consider if you are interested in blending the exterior style of your home with the interior.

Federation – From 1910 onwards, these homes were simple yet elegant and often built from red brick. Exterior and interior designs bore a clear resemblance to Victorian Era properties.

However, despite being aesthetically similar, these homes typically were designed with softer colours. This included cream and white as well as grey greens which carefully matched the elegance shown throughout the design work.

Edwardian – Edwardian style is commonly also used to refer to Federation era architecture due to the startling similarities. However, there are significant differences in the design that are worth noting and which will likely impact the colour scheme. This style of home would typically have a beautiful mixture of eggshell, greys, cream and mistletoes. These were typically offset with accents that included rustic red, Brunswick green and crimson to name just a few possibilities.

Modern Choices

It’s possible that you want to move away from the typical and traditional colours of old through your Queenslander restoration. If you want to ensure that your home has a contemporary design, there are a wealth of possibilities to explore. These colours will ensure that your home is on-trend and looks absolutely incredible, guaranteed to impress.

Examples include soft greys combined with cream for an uncomplicated palette that will let the best features of your home speak for themselves. Alternatively, you can consider fresh white with a taupe offset. With these options, you will be bringing, lighter, brighter shades to your home. This is a fantastic choice if you are keen to provide an additional glow to your home and help ensure even compact spaces look grander. It is particularly suitable for open plan property designs.

Of course, you should not underestimate the potential and benefit of bringing bursts of bright colour to your home design. Contrast colours can once again ensure that key details and features of your design pop and stand out providing you with the highly sought after WOW factor. If you have a gorgeous front door or beautiful, elegant balcony handrails, then this is a great way to guarantee that they have the maximum impact.

Uncomplicated combinations of soft greys with cream or as an alternative scheme, taupe offset with fresh white will give your home inside and out a comforting appeal and a sense of space. Highlighting your front door or balcony handrails with a contrast colour will add pop to the overall scheme to achieve that WOW factor.

Exterior Colours And Shades

Of course, if you are keen to make sure that you are able to achieve a striking, modern appeal with your home exterior, you need to seek out robust colours. Options to consider include Colorbond Monument or Taubmans Black Forest. This can be used as a vibrant accent and paired with Dulux Tranquil Retreat or Vivid White for key shades.

As mentioned, you can choose similar colours for both the exterior and interior of your property. The benefit of this option is that you will be able to ensure that the entire colour scheme for your property flows and provides a continuity that can look incredible. This can also help you achieve a fantastic ambience and guarantee that your home has a unique, clear character.

Interior Options

Queenslander Home, Brisbane (Philip Mallis, Flickr)

Queenslander Home, Brisbane (Philip Mallis, Flickr)

If you are keen to ensure that you have a modern interior, you should think about toning down your style. This will guarantee that the overall palette matches your space as well as the furnishings. At the same time, you will be able to replicate the exterior design without detracting from the personality that you want to display clearly.

Again, you can consider opting for a simplistic scheme. This can wonderfully pair with high ceilings or pendant lighting for a classic, dramatic effect. It can also guarantee that you draw attention to key areas of your design such as the timber floors. When the right palette is perfected, you will discover that your polished timber floors shine.

By opting for an understated interior, you will be able to ensure your home looks glamorous, provides plenty of light and looks grant. It will showcase the character of your home and guarantee that you are delighted with your property for years.

Achieving The Correct Choices With Your Queensland Home

As mentioned, selecting the right colours for your Queensland home can be quite a task. It can be difficult to know how to be bolder than a neutral palette and you could be wary of taking a risk with your design. This can lead to you shying away from shades that are bright and could provide beautiful benefits for your property. We have in-depth knowledge in colour design and will ensure that you select the right options to accentuate key aesthetic properties of your home. With our assistance, you will be able to ensure that you are able to find the right colours that perfectly represent the concept for your Queenslander design.

If you are wondering whether to start, think beyond the typical elements and consider the statement that you want to make with your home. When exploring a continued design them, explore which rooms are visible to one another. These should have the same palette to achieve a seamless flow throughout the property. If you are having difficulty moving forward with your design, select a neutral hue for the main room – you can’t go wrong with cream – and proceed from there.

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