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The property market is hot at the moment, so are you thinking of listing your home for sale? Set your home (and your wallet) up for success with these easy-to-follow tips on preparing your home for the best possible price in the market.

Before listing any home, you’d be wise to take a few simple steps to ensure your home is in the best position possible and eliminate the objections from buyers. When a buyer can see a property that has endless maintenance issues ahead or potential problems, they will either walk away or consider a ridiculously low offer. Either way, you lose.

Buyers are usually seeking lifestyle over anything else. So, this is your big opportunity to showcase the best of your home and leave the buyers imagination to dream about living there too. Create their thirst for your home.

  1. Declutter and clean  clean and declutter
    As simple and obvious as it sounds, a spotless home will allow new buyers to focus on the potential life they could enjoy rather than the dirty walls or floors.
    Remove all personal items like family portraits (replace the photo with a neutral image) and let the buyers imagine their own personalities in the space.
    You may even need to hire a few professionals to get the job done properly, especially if you are time poor. Steam clean the carpets so they smell fresh particularly if you have animals in the house or smokers.
  2. Repaint tired walls
    To present your home to its cleanest, freshest will sometimes require a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Tone down the bright colours, modernise the home and give it maximum appeal with a neutral palette.
  3. Upgrade old fittings
    You may not wish to invest in a full renovation, but just by replacing and modernising your tapware, door handles and light fittings can make a refreshing new look without breaking the budget.
  4. Make the first impression count
    The first impression is everything and that starts at the curbside. The moment the buyer pulls up in your street, they are assessing your property. Does it look welcoming? If the inside is looking like a dream property, it won’t count if you can’t get the buyer through the front door. Setting the tone before anyone steps through the door puts your buyers in the right mindset from their first step. Add some colour to your garden, pressure clean the pathway, add a new doormat, or freshen up the patio furniture with new cushions.
  5. Avoid the objections
    Most buyers will ask for a building and pest inspection as a condition of contract. Don’t let that be your downfall. If you can see it, fix it. Walk around your house inside and out, make a list of all the defects you can find and repair them as they will be noted in a building inspection and if a buyer gets cold feet, they will play that card to avoid closing on the sale. Aim to create a strong positive impression. Taking a simple approach can achieve a great deal.
    Avoid the objections on your home sale
  6. Remove any excess
    You may consider hiring a storage shed for the duration of your home marketing to create the impression of space and cleanliness. Some of your furniture may be comfortable but too large for the room – hide it or store it. You may wish to hire some fresh new pieces of furniture to stage your home for sale. You may also include cleaning out your garage or storage shed so the buyer can see what they are buying.
  7. Add some fresh flowers
    As a simple and cheap addition, it is amazing the difference a few fresh flowers can make to a dining table. Add a few drops of vinegar to the vase to keep the water free from bacteria.
  8. Staging for success
    This part of preparing your home for sale can be the most fun and involves the use of colour, lighting and accessories to emphasise the best features of your home.
    Create an atmosphere of ‘homely’ without distracting clutter – from the flowers on the table, the book on a coffee table or a throw blanket on the couch.
    Increase all possible light and lighting into the home, including the use of ‘warm-white’ globes for a brighter appearance.

Whilst most people have a budget in mind, the experts advise that cosmetic improvements, such as external pressure cleaning, maintenance and repairs, and landscaping works will make the biggest impact and achieve the greatest return. Spending $10,000 on presenting your home for sale, may achieve an increase in property price of up to $75,000 difference and sell faster.

Essentially what we are trying to do is get rid of all the roadblocks for a sale and maximise your resale price.

If that sounds overwhelming and you need a little guidance to point you in the right direction, avoiding overcapitalizing or blowing out your budget there is help available. We can help you to increase the value of your property so that it attracts more buyers. Call me now on 0413 596 131 for a quote and schedule an inspection.

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