In colour

Inspiration might just be hanging on your wall

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one and have the task ahead of you of deciding on an interior colour scheme, then why not take advantage of an inspiration piece that you love. It can be art, a textile, a rug…really anything you love that you think will anchor the space. Colours from this inspiration piece can be the basis of the design of your paint colours, flooring, furnishings and kitchen/bathroom finishes.

Don’t overthink your colours and look at what’s on the wall for inspiration

Pick 3-4 colours from your inspiration piece to use throughout your home. You can always create depth through texture and fabrics. Select one of those colours as the mainstay for your interior scheme and then have fun accessorizing with your remaining colours but in a way that feels balanced.

Unless you want a BIG colour splash, stick with safer neutrals for large furniture pieces and add your accent colours with your soft furnishings, kitchen glass splash back, artwork or a feature wall. Just make sure that two-thirds of your room is one main colour family (this is usually your neutrals).

Have fun decorating and remember, “Life’s more beautiful with colour”.

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