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Do you want to paint the interior or exterior of your home and you’re finding it difficult to decide on a colour?

Trying to make a decision based on a postage stamp-size sample from a colour chart is fraught with danger.  So a good rule of thumb is that once you have a fairly good idea of what you would like, purchase a sample pot or two from your local paint store.

Question. What do you think is the right way to test paint colours?

Answer. Paint directly on the wall. You’ll get the best sense of how the colour will really look, especially in different lighting and at different times of the day.

Hint:  Paint two coats of your chosen colour on opposite walls of a room or if it’s a colour for outside, then select a couple of areas to test the colour which will catch the light differently, i.e. paint on a wall that doesn’t get direct sunlight and one that does.

Overall, testing your colour using a sample pot is the most effective way of deciding on the colour you would like your space to be.

However, if you have tried and tested multiple sample pots, spent a bucket load of money and still can’t decide on a colour – then call me and book a colour consultation.  At your in-home consultation, I’ll come armed with A4 size samples which will make choosing the perfect colour scheme easy.


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