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As Colour Consultants Brisbane, we understand how confusing it can be to select the right colour for the right application. Too dark or too light and you miss the effect you want. So how can you get the perfect interior or exterior colour scheme for your home?

The answer is painting the proposed paint colour onto a large board and temporarily hanging it on the walls to be painted so you can see the colour under different lighting conditions, different times of the day/night and in different positions around the room. This is especially good when painted on a separate colour board that is the same as the proposed application i.e. if you are wanting to paint a wall, then paint the sample on some plasterboard the same as the wall or some cardboard often works well. If the final application is going on timber wall, then find a timber sample to paint your selection on. Especially with absorbent surfaces, it is not possible to remove the paint and there is a chance that the sample might still be discernible after the final coat of paint.

What will your chosen colour look like in the morning light or bright midday sunshine or will it create the evening glow you are seeking?

If that room is only used at certain times of the day i.e. office or dining room, then test it out on a colour board in the time of the day you may use it.

You may even want several colour boards to compare the chosen colour selection.

Do they compliment other items in the room or does the colour clash with your furnishings, the window treatment or flooring? Does the colour compliment other walls of the room if you are choosing a feature wall?

Maximising the colour wheel 

Imagine looking for the perfect grey and you are faced with 1,000 shades of grey. Do you want a pinker shade of grey or a yellow shade of grey? Or maybe a brownish-grey. It’s important to compare, not just shades of colour but also different light conditions.

Maybe try leaving your sample colour board (Blu-tacked) on the wall for a few days to be sure about which colour you really want. Move the sample around the room, next to furniture or artwork and other parts of your room. Walk away and view it from afar.

Remember that wet paint looks much lighter so wait for the paint to dry to see what it really looks like and paint 2 coats to be same as you would if doing the final application.

A small investment at the start of your project together with a little bit of time and patience can make all the difference with your final project.

With so many choices of colour for just one prime colour – think about how many shades of white you could have – it’s a great idea to get a professional consultant to ensure you get the best shade that compliments the rest of your colour scheme and save you costly mistakes.

So if you’ve tried and tested the sample pots and still can’t make a decision, then we can solve your dilemma  –  that’s what we love to do. So call Colour Consultants Brisbane now on 0413 596 31 to arrange your in-home colour consultation. Or simply contact us here. We have hundreds of paint samples at our fingertips and can create a colour scheme for your home that you will be delighted with for years to come.

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