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Eclectic design involves a harmonious blend of assorted styles and elements for a unique and personalised aesthetic. You can create an eclectic style decor for your home’s interior by following these essential tips:

Set A Core Palette

Establishing a core colour palette helps tie varying elements together to create the eclectic style’s diverse yet cohesive look. To begin, pick one neutral base and one accent hue. Add more complementary colours as you build your core interior palette.

Mix and match styles

Showcase eclectic design in your interiors by integrating furniture and decor from various styles, periods, and cultures. When mixing and matching these pieces, choose those with shared features for a coordinated look. It could be colour, pattern, or material.

Play with patterns and textures

When done right, seemingly clashing patterns and textures harmonise in an eclectic style interior. Experiment with assorted prints and patterns that share a repeated colour or theme. Create contrast by adding several textiles and natural materials of varying textures.

Create a focal point

Every eclectic style interior needs a focal point to be the anchor that helps organise and unify the space’s mishmash of elements. You can add one to your home through gallery walls, artistic pendant lights, statement pieces, or any eye-catching decor.

Add personal touches

The key to achieving eclectic design is by making it personal. Incorporate decor that reflects your tastes, interests, and personality. These may be sentimental items, travel souvenirs, or cultural pieces that resonate with you.

Decorate with purpose

Balancing diversity with organisation is crucial in eclectic design to avoid a cluttered look and feel. Edit your space when it gets overcrowded. Curate just a few valuable pieces to allow each to shine individually.

Eclecticism encourages self-expression and breaks traditional design rules. Don’t be afraid to take risks and have fun with creating your dream eclectic home interiors. If you need help, you may book a consultation with me to get started.

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