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Want to put that professional touch on your new home? The colour palette is one of the most important design decisions in carving the larger effect on your home’s character and feel.  We look into how the basics of colour can affect your interior and a few handy tips on the right colour palette for your home. Choosing the right colour palette the first time can save you money and time later.

When researching colours, refer to various terminology that makes you sounds like an informed pro. It may pay to get familiar with the terminology: 

Primary colours – red blue and yellow. They stand alone and can’t be made by mixing any other colours together. All colour derive from primary colours in various strengths.

Secondary colours – green, orange and purple.  These are variations of primary colours mixed together.

Tertiary colours – these are made by mixing primary and secondary colours together. When you add black or white to them, you can change the tone, tint or shade.

Tone – refers to the brightness or deepness of a colour. Add some black or grey and change the tone.

Tint – refers to a shade of colour, just add some white to a colour and change the tint.

Shade – refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. Often heard as ‘shades of blue’ or ‘a darker shade of blue’.

Warm colours – usually warmer colours would be reds, oranges and yellows.

Cool colours – usually cool colours would be blues, greens and purples

Monochromatic colours – a popular choice and is hard to go wrong. Using a monochromatic palette is using various shades of the same colour i.e. black, grey or brown.

Complimentary colours – these are usually different colours that work well together but are opposite each other on a colour wheel i.e. blue and yellow.

Creating the right mood with colour

When selecting a colour palette for a particular room, it’s a good idea to consider how the colour will affect the entire room and the mood of the room. Different temperatures, tones and shades will have an impact on how one feels about the interior of the room.

So choosing warm colours invites a more vibrant feel and inspiring confidence. Look at any fast food restaurant and they often choose red, yellow and black or combinations of that to inspiring conversations, keep you moving and tolerate loud noises. Whereas the cooler colours are used to create a relaxed mood and bring calm to any space.

Colours can also enhance the spaciousness of a room or shrink a room. The lighter the colour tends to make the room feel more spacious and airier whereas the warmer colours typically make a space feel even smaller.

Tips for inspiration  paint colour selection

Try to find a colour wheel and get an idea of the palette for that particular room before you go to buy the paint.  Or contact me for a consultation to give you some professional guidance to truly create the feel you are seeking.

Not only do you need to consider the colour of the walls but also consider what furnishings you have, the flooring, accessories and artwork in the room.

Explore magazines, Pinterest and wonder through display homes for the latest trends for inspiration. Create a mood board if that assists with inspiration.

Many architects would suggest that the wall colour would be your last decision so it can compliment the design elements like the flooring and furniture.

Reinforce the colour palette with other items in the room to create a stronger aesthetic.

If you are choosing colour for an investment property or a fast turnover property, then it is suggested that you keep within conservative neutral colours that have a broader appeal rather than a strong colour palette. Will the colour choice stand the test of time or is it just a fashion fad and subject to dating rapidly?

The greatest impact of colour in a room comes from the walls. So try the 60/30/10 decorating rule: that is:

60% of the space is the walls

30% of the space is the upholstery, flooring and window treatments

10% is decorative elements i.e. cushions, accessories and art

Let me guide you through your home or house plans and find the right colour palette that suits your personality and your lifestyle. Contact me for an appointment.

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