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For a kitchen or bathroom renovation, tapware selection plays an important role in the overall design.

Consider the colour concepts that you want to achieve for your space. Do you want a bold statement or a subtle accent?

When choosing tapware, opt for a colour and finish that complements and enhances your existing colour palette and kitchen style such as black tapware if you are aiming for that well-loved Hampton style.

If you are unsure about which direction to take, consider neutral colours like bright chrome or brushed nickel for versatility.

Remember, your tapware selection should not only match your personal style but also provide functionality that suits your household needs.

Make sure you choose durable and practical options for long-term use.

Selecting the colours and finishes for your kitchen or bathroom renovation can be complex and sometimes a bit daunting for home-owners who are renovating for the first time.  Consequently, I can guide you through the colour selection process at your preferred supplier’s showroom or take advantage of the great display options at Builder’s Discount Warehouse which is a one-stop shop for all your renovating needs.  I can guide you seamlessly through the selection process at either venues for a small consulting fee that you will find a valuable asset.
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