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If you are planning a renovation to your kitchen or building from new, your choice of colour, material and style of installation for your benchtop is extremely important as it will affect the appearance and functionality of your space.  There are many things to consider such as budget, versatility, and appearance.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider during your planning stage.

    1. Engineered stone is extremely popular at the moment and I see the majority of my clients opting for this finish. Caesarstone or Smartstone are two of the larger stone suppliers to the residential market. Here are some of the benefits of using stone.
  • Stone will last for years
  • It is durable and non-porous
  • Comes in a wide-range of colours and patterns
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • It looks like granite or marble without the price tag
  • It can be installed with waterfall ends to give your kitchen a more stylised look.
  1. An up-market benchtop option for your kitchen design

    Natural marble as a kitchen benchtop option is a statement of luxury and elegance

    Natural Stone such as granite, travertine, or marble.

  • These materials can be expensive
  • They can also be porous and will absorb stains and discolour unless sealed correctly
  • The stone is heavy and may require extra support at installation
  • It is heat-resistant
  • On the plus side, natural stone looks elegant.
  1. Laminate benchtops are functional and an economic option for your kitchen renovation

    Laminate. It has been around for years and has withstood the test of time and has always been a popular option.  Its features include:

  • Well-priced and a good option if you have a limited budget
  • Looks good and comes in a matt or gloss finish
  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Not heat-resistant
  • Available in unlimited colours, textures and designs.
  1. Natural timber benchtops add warmth and interest to your kitchen design

    Natural timber will add warmth and character to your kitchen.

  • The benefit of timber is that it can be used alone as a benchtop or used as a feature for instance on an island bench to create a focal point in your kitchen
  • It is renewable and can be sanded back and refinished if it’s looking a bit tired
  • It is susceptible to water damage and stains so needs to be treated carefully
  • Timber can be an expensive option.
  1. Stainless steel as an option for your kitchen benchtop provides a minimalist, commercial-style decor.

    Stainless steel. This option looks sleek and industrial. 

  • It will add a more commercial style to your kitchen
  • It is easy to keep clean and is hygienic
  • Unfortunately, it scratches easily and shows fingerprints
  • It can be an expensive option also.

So, when considering your options for your new kitchen, way up the above advantages and disadvantages of the various materials, look at the functionality, consider your budget and ultimately decide what kind of style and mood you want to create in your kitchen space.

If you feel you need professional advice on the selection of your kitchen benchtop and cabinetry, please contact me to arrange an in-home colour consultation so that I can help you choose the best materials, colours and finishes for your dream kitchen.

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