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Through industry experts and cultural trends research, each season there is a new colour palette of stylish, on-trend interior design stylists. There is a fresh new diverse range of sources to paint key colours that you will see more of during the year ahead and examples on how to embrace them in your home.

Colour trends are influenced by what’s happening in the world around us. Then there’s no surprise that during the current time, with so many affected by COVID and other disasters, we are demanding more time, attention and focusing on well-being more than the bigger picture like major environmental concerns like climate change. The people are moving more towards homely things since we are spending more time at home with our families. There is a strong shift towards earthy tones, warm neutrals and the emergence of soft greens in our homes.

Colour trends for 2020 are a little more restrained than other years. Bright colours are toned down and a strong nature influence has returned.


Bright pinks are now being replaced with a more subtle dusty rose and/or tan and strong ruby reds are now replaced with earthy, amber tones.

Earthy tones and neutrals will always be a firm favourite but don’t expect warm terracotta or oatmeal tones. 2020 neutrals are soft and sophisticated. They can vary from soft grey and biscuit to a muddy lavender with splotches of warm coral. So you may see soft grey with lavender as a calming colour palette.


If you’ve got the blues, then aqua is at the front edge of trending interior colours at the moment for walls, painted furniture or accents within the room.  Since aqua is often associated with peaceful and calming things, just like the ocean, it makes sense that you would want to create that calming feel at home and reduce the stress of a hectic life outside. Aqua also looks great when combined with other strong blues.

In 2020, blue and green can definitely be seen together. Blending the ocean hues with coastal-inspired colours are right on-trend. Just take a look at the beach and there is blue and green everywhere. The invigorating mix of rich oceanic blues with nature surrounds, speaks loudly about adventure and creativity. Touches of gold or amber will become prominent again too.


The more time we spend away from nature, the more time we realise the calming aspect of being with nature. If you are spending long time in front of computer screen all day, then you would realise the positive effects that the natural world has on your mental and physical health. Therefore, the use of indoor plants will become strong again. Invite a little outdoors back inside! Layer up the shades of green within the room and you’ll feel better already.  Nature has long been a common inspiration for décor, blending flora and fauna to create natural looks to feel like you’ve just walked into a luxury lodge from the savannah outside.

MURALS  mural

Also making a strong entrance is the return of hand-painted wall murals that follow a relaxed, freehand style and break the straight lines of walls and floors. The organic shapes of a mural and colours know no bounds. Add a little artistic flair by hand painting directly onto the wall or furniture. Or if you are not so artistic, then there are many decals available that will give your room a great backdrop.


Bring the sunshine in with bright hues of yellow or saffron, mustard or buttery tones. Yellow is the colour of positivity, hope and a reassurance and we could all do with some more of that. The yellow shades have become stronger than those of the 1980’s.


Monochromatic schemes continue to gain in popularity, especially the use of more than one variation of a colour in what is called ‘tonal’ colour scheme. You select one colour for the walls, then quarter strength for the ceiling and double the strength of the same colour for the furniture. To complete the look, add a few contrasting pops of colour throughout the room including accessories, either the same colour or a contrasting different one. wall panelling is back on trend


Dimension and design are being added to enhance walls by incorporating battens or paneling (sometimes referred to as ‘wainscoting’), which can be arranged in a variety of patterns to being sophistication and style. This is increasingly popular choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or home office. It creates a depth and ultra-lux vibe through the shadows. It’s a timeless and classic look that is coming back on-trend. Particularly popular in the bedroom as a bedhead feature wall, changing the bedroom from drab to stunning.


There will be more and more pops of colour being introduced to the exterior of homes, adding refreshing creativity and curb appeal, being a little rebellious and vying for attention. Dark exteriors have always held appeal. Black and deep grey painted exteriors give a smart urban look, or teamed with white trims and a classic gable profile – ensure your darker exterior colours are UV tolerant so they don’t fade and minimise the heat stress.

Just as we invite the outdoors into our homes, we are also heading outdoors with larger living spaces that look like they could be inside but are enjoyed outside. The transition from indoors to outdoors becomes seamless.

Adding to the return of all things natural is the love of timber. Small accents within a room without being tacky, include a comeback for all things botanical and animal looks – statues, ornaments or animal prints.

If you are building a new home or about to renovate, then contact me first and let’s get your colours on trend with design that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.


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